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CVG Technocrafts India Acrylic Body U Tube Manometer

U tube Manometer Acrylic Body is available in different sizes. U tube Manometer Acrylic Body is used in laboratories and industries. They are very useful in measuring pressure, Differential pressure, vacuum and flow measurement.

It fabricated from 25 mm thick transparent acrylic solid block ,virtually unbreakable stable and free from distortion for the precision measurement of pressure ,vaccum and diffrential ,scales are graduated to correct for the drop in the well level for inclined and single limb manometer for high accuracy.

U Tube Manometer Acrylic Body

Features :

  • Long working life
  • Precise measurement
  • Compact design

Available Ranges :

  • 100-0-100 MM WC
  • 150-0-150 MM WC
  • 200-0-200 MM WC
  • 250-0-250 MM WC
  • 300-0-300 MM WC

Technical Specification

Manometer Body : Manometer is fabricated in 25 mm/32 mm thick (pmma)transparent acrylic clear solid block virtually unbreakable stable and free from distortrion
Scale : 2.5 mm thick Milky white Acrylic Scale, with Black with screen printing letters graduated in mm
Manometric Fluid : Red gauge oil .sp.gr.0.823
Paking : Neoprine / ptfe.
Mounting : Wall Panel & Flush Mounting Holes
Arrangement : Zero Adjusting knob .level bulb.
Accuracy : +/- 0.25%,+/-0.1% OF F.S.D OR BETTER.
Test Pressure : 1.5 Time of operating pressure.
Temperatue : BELOW 70 DEG.C

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