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CVG Technocrafts India Top Mounted Magnetic Level Switch

CVG provides magnetically float operated Top Mounted Level Switch for controlling one or multi Levels by using reed Switch. The Unit Consists of Vertical Guide Pipe (Stem ), Reed Switches Are located, Magnetic Float Sliding over the Stem according to the level in the tank. After passing the float, the reed relay will retain their output state. Various materials of construction are available depending up on Service Condition. Maximum 4 Set points can be given in a Single Level Switch & Maximum stem length will be 3 Meters. A magnetic float moving alongside the protection tube tracking the level is activating the reed relays incorporated in tubes.

Stem Mounting : Stainless Steel

Mounting : Flange, Threaded in MS / SS or TC joint

Terminations : cable / DIN connectors / RTD head / weather proof or flame proof junction box. Suitable upto 90 degree

Top Mounted Magnetic Level Switches in India

Ordering Data :

MOC, Flange Specs, Clear Bore, NB, Press, Temp., Sp. Gr. & Contact Rating

Technical Specification

Float : S.S.316 or Teflon Coated or PP / PVDF
Process Connection : Screwed OR flanged
Flange : Mini 1" NB to Any Size in C.S. or S.S.304 or S.S.316 or S.S. Lined C.S. Etc.
Switch : Hermetically Sealed Magnetically Operated Reed Switch with Rhodium Contact SPST / SPDT

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