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CVG Technocrafts India Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Magnetic Level Indicator.

Construction & Operation :

It consists of a chamber and an internal float in non-magnetic material compatible with the liquid. The float containing a magnetic system rides on liquid level and is coupled to an external visual indicator, which comes in two options. The simnpler & economical design consists of a RED magnetic follower Capsule, that moves within a glass tube Filled with water (to reduce friction) and can be read against a scale. The Other system is expensive and consists of a series of Bi-colour flappers. White on front side and contrasting RED on the reverse. These flappers rotate corresponding to float movement, thus changing their colour from white to red as the float rises and vice-versa when the float falls. As such the liquid represented by an external RED coloumn.

Side Mounted magnetic level indicator

What's Special :

  • Non fragile Metal Chamber
  • Rotocyl / Indicap Follower (Please select)
  • Magnatrans Add-On Transmitter - IS 5780 - Gr IIC
  • Magnalatch Steplessly Adjustable Add-On Limit Switches

Technical Specification

Installation : Side / Top
Range (C=C DIST) : Max. 3000mm (Magnetic follower capsule)
Max. 5000mm (Bicolour rotating flappers)
Level Indication : A) Red PP Follower Capsule -1500C in Toughened glass tube (H2O filled)
Bicolour Rotating PP Flappers - 1500C (White & Red)
Bicolour Rotating Ceramic Flappers - 4000C (White & Red) Fitted externally to the float chamber
Float Chamber : SS304/SS316/PP/PVDF
Float : SS316/PP/PVDF (for Side mounted) & ∅ 75 mm in SS316/ PP (for Top mounted)
Still Well : CS/SS304/SS316/PP (80NB)
Calibrated Scale : White powder coated Aluminium /SS (LC-10mm)
Shut off Valve : 20 NB Ball/Globe Valves (SS)
(Isolation for Gauge) : 25NB flanged Ball Valve (PP)
Vent x Drain : 1/2" Threaded Plugs/Valves
Process Connection : 1) 25NB/40NB/50NB Flanges for Side Mtd to BS/ANSI/DIN or 100NB Flange for Top Mtd. to BS/ANSI/DIN
2) 1/2"/ 3/4"/ 1" BSP or NPT (M/F) Screwed
3) 1/2"/ 3/4"/ 1" BSP or NPT (M/F) Union
Max Temp : 700C ( PP ) /1000C (PVDF)/4000C (SS)
Max Test Pressure : 2 Kg/cm 2 ( PP/PVDF)/10 Kg/cm2 (SS) or
(at amb. temp) : 100Kg/cm 2 (SS)
Min. Liquid Sp. : 0.7 - Side Mtd., 0.8 - Top Mtd.

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