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CVG provides range of Precession RTDs for industrial processes temperature measurement applications. Variety of sheathing makes it adaptable to different environments. These RTDs are offered with in-head signal conditioners / temperature transmitters which converts RTD Signal to linear, noise immune industrial standard 4 t o 20mA DC current loop powered signal with excellent linearity and load driving capability. The temperature transmitters allow calibration of output to the required measured temperature range by means of external settings for Zero and span. The unit provides a linear output proportional to temperature exposed.


How to Order / Inquiry :

  • Dial Size
  • Connection
  • Mounting
  • Pressure range
  • Application media
  • Or Any other special requirement

Application :

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Power Plant, Refinery, Paper & Pulp, Sugar, Breweries, Cement Industries, etc.


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Manufacturers of : Process Control Instruments, Flow, Pressure Level, Temp., Measuring instruments.

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