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CVG Technocrafts India Reflex-Transparent Level Gauges

Connected on side of vessels, these gauges have liquid chamber made out of single piece rod or forging.Liquid level in the slotted chamber is seen through thermally prestressed, Temperature resistant heavy-duty glasses. These plate glasses are clamped firmly on the chamber using steel cover plates and nut bolts. Carefully machined seating surface for the glass, matching gasket - CAF / PTFE / Metallic and soft cushion ensure positive sealing between chamber and glass.

What's Special :

  • High Pressure, High Temperature application
  • Auto shut off ball check arrangement
  • Direct indicating gauge
  • Non frost extension for low temp, application
  • Borosilicate glass conforming to DIN 7081 for temperature up to 3000
Reflex Transparent Level Gauges in India

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Reflex-Transparent Level Gauges


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