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CVG Technocrafts India Purge Glass Tube Rotameters

PURGE GLASS ROTAMETER are ideal and best used in laboratories and instrumentation applications. Main use of PURGE GLASS ROTAMETER is for low flow rate indication of fluids. They are useful in gas liquid flows. PURGE GLASS ROTAMETERs are manufactured from borosilicate glass.

Purge Glass Tube Rotameters Manufacturers in India

Standard Features :

  • Suitable for Gas liquid flows for a maximum temp of 95 Deg C
  • Customized scale for readout in any desired unit
  • Attractive appearance for panel mounting
  • Wide choice of material to suit all applications
  • 1/4", 1/2" threaded rear and top connections
  • Transparent acrylic/ glass cover
  • Optional differential pressure regulator and alarms.
  • Acrylic cover
  • Ranges between - 26 - 260 to 185 - 1850 NLPH of Air
  • Various Materials of Constructions :- MS / SS304 / SS316 / Brass
  • Connections :- 1/8", BSP / NPT (F) Back - Back / Bottom - Top
  • Clear Acrylic Cover Provides visibility From 2/3 sides
  • Accuracy : +/- 2% of full scale. • 0.6 to 160 LPH for water and 10 to 4500 NLPH at NTP for air Accuracy +/-3% of for full scale ranges between - 26 - 260 to 185 - 1850 NLPH of Air.

Technical Specification

Thread Standard : Bsp/Npt/Metric /Swagelok/push ftting/Nozzle.
Float Moc : Spherical Glass ball/ Conical SS 316/ SS 304/TEFLON /Red pvc
Needle Valve MOC : SS304/ SS 316
End Fitting MOC : SS316 /SS 304
Bodycasing Side Plates MOC : ss 304 with shining buffed/ms epoxy coated/aluminium with two tone powder coated excellent finish
Metering Tube MOC : Heavy wall tempered borosil taperd glass of 4mm wall thickness
Gland Packing : Silicon, Viton, Epdm, Overwrapping teflon cover cap
Scale : Milky white acrylic with black screen printing letters / Aluminium Anodized / ss engrawing / ceramic ink etched on metering tube
Mounting : Panel Mounting Clamps.,High & Low Flow Alarms.

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