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CVG Technocrafts India Metal Tube Rotameter

Metal Tube Rotameter is basically a Variable Area Flow Meter for measuring instantaneous flow rate of steam applications, liquids and gases. When a normal rotameter cannot withstand temperature constraints and demanding pressure, Metal Tube Rotameter is commissioned. Fully metal design body makes it a robust instrument and is extremely durable. It works on the principle of variable area. In Metal Tube Rotameter fluid in the metal tube raises the float in the tapper tube increasing the area of passage of fluid. Flow rate is determined by combination of float and tube.

Metal Tube Rotameter Manufacturers in India

Standard Features :

  • Float Does Not Project Out Of The Body
  • Two Tone Powder Coated Excellent Finish
  • Heavy Duty Design With Maximum Visibility
  • Single Piece ( Jointless ) PTFE / PP Claded Body
  • Flow Range Between 25 To 40000 LPH
  • No Threads In Body, Avoids Corrosion
  • Face To Face Distance : 250 mm. / 300 mm / 350 mm ( As per Flow Rate)
  • Angular Scale
  • Various Material Of Construction
  • Accuracy : +/- 2% Of Full Scale
  • Line Size From 15 NB To 100 NB
  • Suitable For In-Line Installation
  • Measuring Span - 1:10
  • Magnet :- Alnico
  • Easy To Maintain

Available Option :

  • 1. Metal Tube Rotameter With Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Throughtout Flow Range.
  • 2. Metal Tube Rotameter With 4-20 mAmp Transmitter & Totalizer
  • 3. Metal Tube Rotameter With Steam Jacket
  • 4. Metal Tube Rotameter with Rear Side Connection

Applications :

  • 1. Scientific laboratory
  • 2. Research centres
  • 3. Chemical industries

Technical Specification

Rangeability : 10:1
Accuracy : +2% of Full Flow, +1.5% of Full Flow (optional) Better Accuracy on request
Repeatability : +0.5%
Scale Length : 900 Angular
Pressure Rating : 40 Bar, 250 Bar (optional)
Allowable Fluid Temp : -200 to 2500 C
Connection : Flanged, Threaded, Sanitory fitting
Material of Construction : SS316, SS316L, SS304, Hastelloy C, TITANIUM
Indicator Box : ABS, PC, Cast AL, SS (optional)
Protection Class : IP-65 & IP-66 & Other Protection on request (For MT model encloser exproof IIA and IIB/IIC as per requirement)

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