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CVG Technocrafts India Low Flow Acrylic Body Rotameter

LOW FLOW ACRYLIC BODY ROTAMETER'S are useful in measuring rate of fluid flow flowing through vertical pipe lines. They are useful in various liquid s and gases. It is useful in different cases like water , salt water flow ,air, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, LDO, and other non-corrosive Gases. etc.

These Low flow Acrylic Rotameters are economical and indicates low flow rate for fluids. They are available in all standard construction material. The flow regulating needle valve offer a constant flow irrespective of the supply or upstream pressure.

Available Flow Units:- Lpm, Lph, cc/min, Ml/min,Scfm.

Low Flow Acrylic Body Rotameter

Standard Features :

  • Longer service life
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Compact structure
  • Perfect finish

Technical Specification

End connection : 1/4", BSP / NPT rear with fine control needle valve &hex lock nut
Thread Standard : Bsp/Npt/Metric /Swagelok/push ftting/Nozzle.
Float Moc : Spherical Glass ball/ Conical SS 316/ SS 304/TEFLON /Red pvc
Needle Valve MOC : SS304/ SS 316
End Fitting MOC : SS316 /SS 304
Body moc : Transparent thermoplastic acrylic clear with shining buff.
Metering tube moc : Transparent acrylic tube drilled & machined withtapered reamer cutter inside the body.
Packing elastomer : Silicon, viton, epdm, neoprine
Scale : Engrawing on acrylic body it self with black marking letters on metering tube
Mounting : Panel mounting clamps., high & low flow alarms.
Over all length : 100 mm ,150 mm, 200 mm (as per flow)

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Low Flow Acrylic Body Rotameter


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