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CVG Technocrafts India Glass Tube Rotameter

Glass Tube Rotameter is fundamentally a Variable Area Flow Meter.

GLASS TUBE ROTAMETER operates on the principle of variable area of the fluid in the glass tube. The main function of the GLASS TUBE ROTAMETER is to raise the float in the tapper tube. Thus the area of the passage of fluid increases. As the float moves up and down according to the rate of flow of fluid in the tube. Thus tube and float in combination with each other decides the rate of flow of fluid which is indicated on a scale.

Working :

The float rises due to an increase in the flow velocity. As a result, the position of the float at different flow is then marked, calibrated. Finally it is then machined to form a scale on the eternal body of the Glass Tube Rotameter to device a perfect display.

Our Speciality :

CVG Glass Tube Rotameters are available in Flanged / Screwed / TC End connection and are installed in the pipeline facing vertically upward. As glass is used it is not affected by chemical reactions. Glass tube rota meter does not require any external power.

Special Features :

  • Volumetric Flow Measurement
  • Will work on gravity flow
  • Weatherproof Stainless Steel Casing option available
  • Design & Calibration Confirrms to ISA-PR16.5 & ISA-PR16.6
  • Extreme low cost instrument

  • Heavy Duty Design with Maximum Visibility
  • Two Tone Powder Coated Excellent Finish
  • No Threads in Body, Avoids Corrosion
  • Easy to Maintain and Replace
  • Suitable for on Line Installation

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