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CVG Technocrafts India Cable Float Switch

Cable float switch effectively monitor and controls water/liquid level in the Overhead tanks, Underground tanks, Sumps, Wells etc. It prevents Overhead tank from overflow and also over pumping of Sump, Well etc. It allows the user to be free from the botheration of switching the electric pump ON / OFF and makes water / liquid level available round the clock.

Float Type Level Switch

Benefits :

Cable float switch prevents pump running when Sump is empty, Low voltage, High voltage and dry run situation, thus avoiding damage to motor resulting increased availability, cost saving in electricity and maintenance.

Length Sizes Available :

2 Meters, 3 Meters, 5 Meters, 10 Meters, 15 Meters, 20 Meters, 25 Meters, 50 Meters, 100 Meters

Special Features :

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Rated temperature = 120 deg.c
  • Unbreakable up to 5-8 tonnes of continuous pressure
  • Water proof
  • Cable length 2- 100 meters as per customer requirement
  • Highly durable
  • High quality Indian branded cable like poly cab, excellent, reliance etc
  • 1 year replacement warranty
  • Colours available blue, yellow, super orange, blood red
  • Environment friendly
  • 3 core cable highly tensile strength
  • Switch Rating 16 AMPS 240 VAC
  • 100 mm DIA size easy to Installation
  • Long life Weather proof
  • Tested 11 Number of times
  • Used in Chemical, Pharma, Oil, Water treatmant plant, Sewage water etc

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